Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Immokalee - Enjoy a Great Florida Casino

Florida comes with sunshine and beaches. Sure the state is sometimes equated with senior citizens and retirement, but you’d be foolish to really agree with that conclusion. Might I remind you that Florida is also home to South Beach Miami, considered to be one of the hottest spots on the globe for glitz and glamour not to mention Tampa Bay.

One thing Florida is coming to be known as now is a home to casinos. Our featured casino for this post is the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Immokalee. The Seminole Hard Rock is the third casino that is land based to be included in the Florida landscape. Recently the property has just undergone a $22 Million renovation and a switch in management in the last six months. So things are being shaken up a little for the Seminole property.

One of the biggest parts to the renovation is the addition of the table game black jack. The casino rolled this game out in December of 2008. The move is part of a larger plan by the Seminole trip to push for a more modernized approach to the style, look and operation of the casino.

Other big things to hit the casino are the increase in slot machines from 75 to 1,100 and other table games such as Let it Ride and 3 Card Poker.

On a side not be sure to say hello to Head of Security for the Property Mr. John MacDonald, a retired police officer from the Atlantic City Police Department.

All is going full speed ahead for the Seminole Hard Rock Seminole Casino in Immokalee, so get there to enjoy it. For Players Card information go to the associated link provided.

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Woody240 said...

Just a note, but this time there is no Hard Rock in Immokalee. This property still goes by the Seminole Casino branding. There is a new property that will become a Hard Rock in the works. That is of course if things with the State of Florida work out; but that is not for at least 3 years. Also I don't believe there has been a change of management, they have only hired new positions.